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AlpenGlow Lilac Garden

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Alpenglow Gardens began in 2003 as a gift of 15 plants from Reva Ballreich, a local horticulturist. Reva was a major grower and hybridizer of lilacs in the western United States. Like the Pied Piper, she led visitors through acres of blooming lilacs in her collection of 800 varieties. Reva’s enthusiasm and wonder led Gary Parton down the lilac path and inspired him to create Alpenglow Gardens on his property at the base of Lily Rock.

Alpenglow Lilac Gardens opened in 2009 with over 275 lilacs planted in the one-acre garden that meanders up and down a gentle mountain slope amid towering pine trees. The 155 cultivars are from all over the world. The general collection features lilacs from 44 hybridizers. Alpenglow is divided into 11 smaller gardens honoring a specific theme or hybridizer. The gardens provide both an experience for the senses as well as a walk through the colorful history of this plant.

Come and see them for yourself this spring when the lilacs are in bloom and the gardens are open to the public. Call ahead to be sure the lilacs are ready (weather affects blooming, the timing of which varies from year to year), and that we aren't closed for a special event.

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