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AlpenGlow Lilac Garden

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Circle of Honor Garden

Located at the bottom of the hill are lilacs honoring Reva Ballreich, our local hybridizer. Idyllwild, Spokane, and Alpenglow lilacs are alternated in a perfect circle, which creates a continuous wall of color and fragrance.


Reva Ballreich Garden

Reva played a pivotal role in expanding the International Lilac Society and was our own Idyllwild hybridizer who developed, among many others, the lilac Alpenglow, named for this garden. Reva also created lilacs named Idyllwild and Spokane.


Dr. Frank Skinner Garden

Dr. Skinner was a Canadian pioneer who further developed early blooming Syringa hyacinthiflora. Be sure and see his Pocahontas, an almost fluorescent purple.


Father John Fiala Garden

The best known American developer, Fiala created over 70 varieties in 40 years of work. He wrote “Lilacs: The Genus Syringa,” the first contemporary study of lilacs. He is also known for creating some of the best blue lilacs ever.


Victor Lemoine Garden

As the father of modern lilacs, he created over 200 new and wonderful lilacs, expanding interest in the species the world over. He created the French Hybrid or French Lilacs.


Russian and Polish Gardens

Leonid Kolesnikov (1893 – 1973) created the majority of the plants in this garden. Many of the varieties have multiple colors in the florets. Karpow-Lipski, the best known Polish hybridizer, created 22 important varieties between 1948 and 1962.

When the coral light of dawn washes over Lily Rock, the granite sentinel that towers over the mountain village of Idyllwild, California, and the lilacs are in bloom, clouds of Syringa vulgarus in every shade of lavender, blue, white, and pink, wafting their intoxicating perfume on the morning breeze – at this very moment you can experience heaven on earth at Alpenglow Lilac Gardens.

Alpenglow is a garden oasis planted solely with lilacs – over 155 cultivars (varieties) are on display during the month of May – located in the alpine arts community of Idyllwild. The gardens are open to the public in April, May, and June, Wednesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come stroll through the extensive grounds and talk lilacs with our expert growers. There is no admission charge. Please call ahead before you drive up the Hill to make sure we aren’t closed for a special event.

We sell over 50 varieties of lilacs in 5-gallon containers. Sorry, mail order is not available at the present time. You can also reserve the gardens for special events – weddings, receptions, tea parties, anniversary parties – by special arrangement. We can host up to 70 guests on the garden patio. An Educational Lilac Tour, with coffee and tea served on the patio surrounded by the lilacs, is the perfect outing for garden clubs.

We look forward to seeing you when the lilacs are putting on their spectacular show!

Gary Parton, Owner

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